Wastewater Equipment International has been set up to market the products of Taset, Inc in North America. We entered into an agreement with Taset, Inc. because our experience in this market told us this was the most advanced sludge collector system on the market today with features not available from other companies such as sealed stub shaft bearings, use of stainless steel to minimize maintenance costs and the strongest 720S style chain on the market.

Our first installation in the United States is now nearing 5 years in service, while Taset has a 18 year history of manufacturing this product. The 10 tank installation at the Border Plant near San Diego is an excellent example of the quality of the equipment furnished.  There are many other features which your rep can tell you about.

Sample of manufacturer’s products:

Stainless steel head shaft system at drive


Stub shaft and tail end of the system


Long view of sludge collector

Company Information It is the goal of ENV Treatment Systems Inc., to provide the highest quality custom designed, locally manufactured products and a complete line of brand name process equipment and systems to our clients, as well as offering first class customer support and field service.
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Edward Pikovnik, P. Eng.

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Lee Williams
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